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After losing their house in a wildfire, Darren and Michelle needed their new house designed and built as soon as possible. The tricky part? The immense size and tight deadline. Darren and Michelle had just 4 short months to completely design this 30,000 square foot luxury home in a way that would satisfy the insurance company.

They were feeling frustrated and disheartened, wondering if they would be able to meet the tight deadlines the insurance company had set and still have a new home they could fall in love with. They came to DRAW Designs and were happy to learn we were excited to take on the challenge.

Jenn got to work right away on designing the massive home. After 4 months of working late nights and early mornings, she called Darren and Michelle to tell them the approvals had been granted; they would be getting their brand-new dream home! They were thrilled to hear the news, but most of all, they were ecstatic that the DRAW Designs team hadn’t made any sacrifices in their home’s design in order to meet the timeline. Meanwhile, our team was happy to make the horrible tragedy the couple had gone through in the loss of their home a little less tragic by giving them a great rebuilding experience.

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