Innovative home designs for the discerning homeowner. We create drawings for your home that are tailor-made to help you build your ideal lifestyle.

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A Team of Professionals Centred Around You

Innovative home designs for the discerning homeowner

At DRAW Designs, we don’t just design homes; we bring your vision to life. The drawings for your home are tailor-made to help you build your ideal lifestyle. From the layout right down to the fine details, you can trust us to create designs that are thorough, thoughtful and innovative.

Every project we complete we approach with a consistent and proven home design process that we have developed by helping clients achieve their dreams over the years. At the heart of our client interaction process is the desire to make sure all your checkboxes are clicked and you leave satisfied with your final plans.

  • Initial Client Meeting

    This first meeting is all about you. We know you’ve been thinking about your dream home for years (or maybe decades!) and we want to learn everything you’re imagining. So bring in every piece of inspiration you have – magazine clippings, napkin doodles, or drawings. You’ll sit down and chat with one of our senior designers about your exact vision from top to bottom so we can make sure everything you’re looking for is included in the design. Meetings can be done online or in-person depending on your convenience.


  • Preliminary Design

    Now that we know what your vision is, our team will get to work creating a stunning preliminary custom design. This preliminary drawing gives you a basic outline of your home including floor plans, the exterior look of the front of your home, and any other important design elements. Remember, this stage is a visual concept, not a blueprint.


  • Design Meeting

    Once we’ve finished the preliminary drawings, it’s time for you to look them over. When you’ve had time to think about them and show them to your friends and family, we’ll set up a meeting for you to review the design directly with our team. If anything is not quite right, we’ll make the revisions you need to make it look and feel perfect.


  • Construction Drawings

    After you’re completely satisfied with your design plans, we can get to work creating the technical documents (the blueprints). The construction drawings include the architectural elements and the basic structure of your new home. They are the first and most important part of the documents that you will need to obtain permits and start the construction process. You can take these blueprints to any builder or construction company, or if you are so inclined, you can be your own prime contractor. We can also suggest some companies that we have worked closely with in the past.


  • Continuing Care

    Once the drawings and plans are finished, you’ll have everything you need to get started on building your dream home. That doesn’t mean we can’t still support you, though. If you have questions about your designs or need changes to your plans, we’re always here for you. We want your home building process to be as smooth and stress-free as possible.