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Our team knows that luxury isn’t determined by a specific size, style, or fixture. Luxury is unique to every person.

That’s why our designers work closely with you to customize every detail to your requests. Whether you’re dreaming of a 30,000 square foot mansion or a compact tiny home, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life.

Meet Our Expert Team

The DRAW Designs team has decades of experience creating luxurious plans for homes of all shapes and sizes. We’ve hand-selected designers who are as invested in the wellbeing of our clients as they are in their work.


Josh Steenbergen
Senior Architectural Technologist

After learning about the iconic architect Frank Lloyd Wright and his signature Fallingwater House in school, Josh was hooked on the idea of designing and building beautiful homes. Josh’s passion is in bringing new growth and change to different parts of our city, while also fully tailoring every project to a client’s unique sense of style. He loves seeing the spark of excitement and pride in his client’s eyes when he unveils their dream homes.


Jenn Surkovic
Senior Architectural Technologist

Jenn knew from a young age that she was passionate about design, and over 13 years into her career, she’s still confident that it was the only path that could satisfy her creativity. She’s fascinated by the way her work can change the landscape of a city and the lives of the clients she helps. That’s why she constantly strives for new, creative ways to wow people with her designs.


Cassie Cove
Intermediate Architectural Technologist

Always a creative at heart, Cassie fell in love with the challenges of architecture early on. There’s nothing that gets her blood pumping like a great roller coaster, but the challenge of molding a client’s wish list to their site restrictions to create a work of art is a close second. Cassie loves the changing styles and trends that come with home design, always feeding her sense of adventure with designs that really POP!


Kevin Light
Intermediate Architectural Technologist

While in school, Kevin found that his love of visual design and his technical prowess intersected perfectly with architecture. This led to a successful career designing houses here in his home city of Edmonton. It doesn’t matter what size, scale, or style – Kevin is excited to take on even the most unique projects out there. His love of science and engineering has allowed him to focus on building envelope science and energy efficiency.


David Semple
Architectural Technologist

David realized his passion for design and architecture while studying economics in university. He made the transition to architectural technology, and the DRAW Designs team is glad he did! David looks forward to evolving and changing with the different architectural trends. He’s ready to tackle every project with energy and passion, and he enjoys finding new ways to make houses more appealing, energy efficient, and eye-catching.


Nicole Wildeboer
Office Administrator

Nicole is at the heart of every project at DRAW Designs. She keeps our team organized and working cohesively. As the wife of an entrepreneur and with her own range of experience as an electrical technologist and inside salesperson for the oil and gas sector, Nicole understands the diverse needs of a team this size. She’s become a valuable sounding board and support system for our team and management.


Dan Wildeboer
Founder & Senior Architectural Consultant

Dan is the creative mind behind DRAW Designs. He founded the company in his home office in 2006 and has contributed to designs for over 15,000 homes in Edmonton and abroad. Dan has always believed in designing accurate, precise drawings that are as functional as they are beautiful. Now, he’s happy to lead a team of creatives as passionate as he is about helping people into homes they love.

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We’re an easygoing bunch and we love to talk about design, so feel free to bring us your ideas, photos, and even those napkin drawings you have saved in a drawer somewhere.

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